In any establishment, the flooring is one of the most important parts because it is exposed to different pressures may it be from human feet or from the wheels of objects. Although concrete flooring has been the most common choice of any home or establishment owner, these days the owners can actually choose one of the most modern choices and that is polished concrete floors.

A lot of people would rather choose polished concrete floors because of the mirror-like feature it has when it has been finished. It can not be denied that polished and shinier floors look very appealing and very presentable to the people who visit the place. The main reason why owners choose polished epoxy flooring is because it is actually cheaper compared to choosing granite. It is so far the best and the cheapest alternative. Moreover, these polished concrete floors also present a professional look, especially to business establishments. Lastly and maybe considered the most important one could be the fact that it is not hard to maintain. The main thing that owners could ask is to sweep the floors properly and it could be mopped with the use of a damp one and make sure a neutral cleaner is chosen.

If you have decided to have polished concrete floors, most likely, this will be the process that will happen. First of all, the floor will be inspected and will be evaluated. This is one of the keys to a successful and beautiful polished concrete floor. These are things that will be observed for, cracks and chips, adhesives, sealers are the most common. Then the surface will be prepared by removing the above-mentioned things or sometimes the floor may undergo grinding to even out the surface of the floor before polishing. If this step will not be done, do not expect a good outcome. Then the first part of polishing could be done and this process is called the begin polishing. This is usually done by what they call diamond grit abrasive. Then, the next process is called densifying. This process means applying a liquid chemical hardener to the surface because it helps in solidifying. This process also protects the surface from water. The key is choosing the right chemical for it and the partner should always be a stiff bristled broom. Always make sure that the edges have been included and also you need to wait for at least 24 hours before proceeding to the next step. The final polishing could be done after 24-48 hours and this time it will be done with diamond abrasives with a diamond matrix and this gives off the mirror-like effect. And to continuously protect the flooring, you may apply a stain guard.

In summary, when you choose to have a polished concrete floor, it is necessary that we know the process on how to do it. Always bear in mind that if you want your polished concrete floors to last for a long time, it should be cleaned and maintained well and should be checked continuously.

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